Winter Bundle Pack!
Winter Bundle Pack!


Winter Bundle Pack!

This bundle pack includes: 

  • A charcoal grey eat figs not pigs crewneck (value of $65)
  • A sand coloured hummus shirt (value of $40)
  • A white liberation for all pin (value of $4)
  • A black eat figs not pigs pin (value of $4)
  • A give and let live postcard (value of $2)

Total value: $115, so you save $16 when you purchase this winter bundle pack! The sweater is so warm and cozy, the hummus shirt is perfect for any hummus lover, and the 3" pins are great to put on your tote bags, backpacks, or purses. The postcard makes a great bookmark or you can put it on your fridge. 

Sizing for crewneck:

Unisex small: 20" wide, 27" long
Unisex medium: 22" wide, 28" long
Unisex large: 24" wide, 29" long
Unisex XL: 26" wide, 30" long
Unisex 2XL: 28" wide, 31" long

Sizing for hummus shirt:

Unisex small: 18" wide, 28" long
Unisex medium: 20" wide, 29" long
Unisex large: 22" wide, 30" long
Unisex XL: 24" wide, 31" long
Unisex 2XL: 26" wide, 32" long

Substitutions for different colours can be made upon request!