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Eat Figs Not Pigs Crewneck
Eat Figs Not Pigs Crewneck
Eat Figs Not Pigs Crewneck

Eat Figs Not Pigs Crewneck

This sweater is simple and straight to the point - eat FIGS, not PIGS! Well, you can eat anything instead of pigs, we don't care what it is - as long as it comes from a plant, not an animal :)

These sweaters are cozy, soft on the inside and super comfortable.

With every purchase, you are making a difference in the lives of animals & humans because we always donate 10% of our proceeds to various animal and human rights organizations each month.

Follow us on Instagram @veganveins to see who we are donating to and for some vegan inspo!

Fabric: 50% Cotton, 50% polyester

Colour: Charcoal Grey, Antique Cherry Red or Black

Sweatshop-free & locally printed in Canada.

Sizing information:

Unisex small: 20" wide, 27" long
Unisex medium: 22" wide, 28" long
Unisex large: 24" wide, 29" long
Unisex XL: 26" wide, 30" long
Unisex 2XL: 28" wide, 31" long

Design by Weronica:

First model wearing the charcoal grey:

Second model wearing the charcoal grey: Kylie Squire

Model wearing the red: Shawn Jones

Model wearing the ash grey: Jessica