Animal Entertainment is Animal Enslavement Pin

Animal entertainment is animal enslavement. Animals should be in the wild, not performing for humans. Spread awareness of how circuses are unnecessary and cruel by wearing this t-shirt! 

This statement also applies to animals in zoos or in aquariums. 

I drew this design after witnessing firsthand the cruelty that animals endure in the circus. I went to a circus for a protest, but I couldn't find anyone else that was supposed to be there. I didn't have any signs because I was going to get some from the group, so I walked around, looked at how the animals were treated, and watched some of the circus acts. It was really sad and broke my heart to see the elephants chained up and forced to perform for us. 

With every purchase, you are making a difference in the lives of animals & humans because we always donate 10% of our proceeds to various animal and human rights organizations each month. 

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This pin is 3 inches by 3 inches. It's perfect to put on backpacks, purses, jackets, tote bags, pencil cases, or whatever you like :)

Sweatshop-free & locally printed in Canada.