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We are so happy to write our very first blog post on 2nd Street Hooligans. Each month we will feature and tell you the stories of sanctuaries from around the world that are close to our heart. 

What is 2nd Street Hooligans?

If you haven't heard of 2nd Street Hooligans before, they are a Southern California Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. They have applied for their 501c3 non-profit status and are currently awaiting approval. 2nd Street Hooligans was founded and is run by two amazing individuals named Nick and Rachael O'Neill. They not only rescue animals and provide them with a safe home, but they also help other rescues with transportation and rescue pick ups. 

This is their incredible mission statement: 

"2nd Street Hooligans Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is home to animals who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, and/or released from animal testing facilities. Our mission is to educate the public about the realities of factory farming and animal agriculture and advocate for the rights, safety, and humane treatment of all animals by living a cruelty free lifestyle."

What's the story behind 2nd Street Hooligans?

Nick and Rachael began their rescue in May 2016, and since then they have adopted, rescued, and fostered so many animals. On their farm they have dogs, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and ducks. They started their sanctuary journey while they were living in Long Beach, California. They had 2 dogs and 6 chickens, but the problem was they could not expand in the location they were living.

Not long later, they found a home that was one hour away, in Norco, California. This community is full of farms. Realizing the importance of saving the lives of animals and providing them with a safe home, Rachael and Nick sold their home and moved to a small farm in Norco. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Why 2nd Street Hooligans is so Inspirational 

2nd Street Hooligans raises awareness about animal rights on a daily basis. One of my favourite things about them is that they are self taught when it comes to everything. Nick and Rachael work so hard to not only care for abandoned, neglected, and abused animals, but to educate others as well. 

Something I love about their Instagram account is that it's not just cute photos of animals, their account provides so much insight and knowledge as well. I learn so much from their posts and they are always teaching us everything they learn along the way. Nick and Rachael show that anyone can start a sanctuary if they are passionate enough and willing to do the research and work. 

The O'Neill Family

2nd Street Hooligans

Rachael and Nick are not the only two humans living on the farm! This year they welcomed Wes Thomas O'Neill into the world, their son. He wasn't even out of the womb for an hour before he met his first goat, Ina May Goatskin.

2nd Street Hooligans

Wes is so lucky to have such compassionate parents and he will have a wonderful upbringing surrounded by so many animals. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Meet the Animals

Here are some (but not all!) of the many beautiful animals that reside at 2nd Street Hooligans. There are over 25 residents there now.

Vincent Van Goat 

2nd Street Hooligans

Basil the Sheep

2nd Street Hooligans

Remy the Pig 

2nd Street Hooligans

Buster the Dog

Buster was the first animal that Nick ever adopted, when he was 19 years old. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Jack the Turkey

2nd Street Hooligans

Ina May Goatskin

When Nick and Rachael rescued this 1 month old Nubian goat, she was living in a condo with a small "backyard." She had a large amount of coccidia and other parasites. This caused her to be underweight and gave her diarrhea and a runny nose. She also had an upper respiratory infection and lice. After immediately taking her to the vet and giving her the proper medicine, Ina May Goatskin is now living healthy and happily at 2nd Street Hooligans. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Frank the Beagle

Before 2nd Street Hooligans rescued Frank, his name was 3036627 (which is tattooed on the inside of his ear). Frank was being used in a terminal study and was due to be euthanized once the study was over. The study that Frank was a part of was examining brain aneurysms by medically causing them in dogs. Frank had an artery in his neck that was cut/tied off surgically to simulate a brain aneurysm. Frank went into cardiac arrest and "failed" out of the study too early. It was unfortunate that he went into cardiac arrest, but without this happening, Frank would not have been rescued. The Beagle Freedom Project was able to intercept and asked if they could take him in. Now Frank has a loving forever home at 2nd Street Hooligans. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Rabbi Mendel and Albert Sweinstein

Rabbit and Albert grew up indoors inside a testing facility. They were likely poked, prodded, burned, cut, and more because they was used for product testing. Today, they are both free pigs and they love playing in the mud, eating, and being tucked under a blankets at 2nd Street Hooligans. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Coco Channel the Goat

Coco came from another animal rescue that also saved her mom and many other animals. They all came from a farm where the owner left and abandoned the animals. Coco's mother's malnutrition might be the reason why Coco had a slow growth. However, now she is a healthy weight and loves her replacement mother, Margoat. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Coco Channel and Margoat

Margoat has become Coco's mom. If they get separated, Coco will cry out for her.

2nd Street Hooligans

Dick and Dottie Ducks

Dick and Dottie are two beautiful ducks that now reside at 2nd Street Hooligans. Their previous family took great care of them, but they needed to rehome them. They made sure that they found a safe home or sanctuary for Dick and Dottie to go to, which is how they came to be at 2nd Street Hooligans. 

2nd Street Hooligans

Lilymae and Evelyne the Rabbits

These two rabbits spent 5 years in a test lab. They were under strict schedules getting many inhumane things done to their bodies. Now both rabbits live in complete freedom with room to play, dig, and eat fresh food at 2nd Street Hooligans. Pictured with Nick is Lilymae the rabbit. 

2nd Street Hooligans

 Zeus the Dog

2nd Street Hooligans

Baby Spice the Chicken

2nd Street Hooligans

Basil the Sheep and Taco the Chicken

2nd Street Hooligans

Chrissy (front), Janet (center), and Jack (back) the Turkeys

These turkeys were given to 2nd Street Hooligans by Nick's brother. They are not rescues, but they came from another family farm and now they will continue to have a wonderful life at 2nd Street Hooligans. 

2nd Street Hooligans

If you haven't already had enough cuteness, here are some photos of Nick & Rachael wearing Vegan Veins apparel with their animal friends!

2nd Street Hooligans

Since 2nd Street Hooligans is a startup sanctuary, they need all the help they can get. They are always in need of funds for medical bills, feeding the animals, building their enclosures, etc. If you want to help 2nd Street Hooligans, you can donate to their GoFundMe here: or you can donate through PayPal:

If you make a donation to 2nd Steet Hooligans, please email us proof (or simply send a message on Instagram) and we will give you a 15% off coupon to our store! 

If you want to stay up-to-date with the animals at 2nd Street Hooligans and learn more about them, you can check out their social media sites. 

Instagram: @2ndstreethooligans


Website: Coming soon

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