FRIENDS NOT FOOD Eco-Friendly & Ethically Made T-shirt

Friends, not food! A cute design with a simple but extremely powerful message. Stand up for our animal friends with this shirt and spread the vegan message wherever you go!

ETHICALLY MADE with fair labour and eco-friendly materials.

****** PLEASE NOTE: some sizes are available and will be shipped right away, while others are sometimes on pre-order and will be shipped as soon as they arrive. If you’re curious if your shirt is a pre-order one or not, you can just send me a message!

With every purchase, you are making a difference in the lives of animals & humans because we always donate 10% of our proceeds to various animal and human rights organizations each month.

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The design is drawn by myself, Emily, the owner of VeganVeins :)

Order a size down for women! These are unisex shirts so they’re naturally baggier.

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